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Unveiling the Truth: The Unyielding Sarakite Movement, Governor Abdulrazaq’s Deceit, and Ineptitude Amidst Groundless Accusations of Chaos

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In an age where balanced reporting and varied viewpoints are essential for upholding democratic principles, many articles on Kwara State’s political scene fall short, inaccurately fueling a maelstrom of potential chaos due to the rivalry between Abdulrazaq’s administration and the Sarakite Movement.

It is time to clear the air: the Sarakite Movement, a symbol of discipline, democracy, and ethical leadership, has demonstrated remarkable resilience and restraint amid political differences. After Abdulrazaq’s ‘victory’, the Sarakite Movement maintained a dignified silence, a genuine tribute to their deep respect for democracy and a far cry from the baseless allegations of chaos.

These APC-sponsored articles fail to address the glaring election rigging that has attended every election organized by the APC. The APC has organized 2 elections in Nigeria – 2019 and 2023. Most objective observers will admit that these were probably the two most rigged elections Nigeria has ever seen. They were an affront to the very essence of the democratic process. These are also the 2 elections that these APC-sponsored articles are relying on to question if this “the end of the Saraki dynasty in Kwara”. (Those were the exact words of one Samad Uthman – one of the writers of the APC sponsored articles on Cable News)

You blatantly rig two elections. Then you turn around to insinuate that the political relevance of the person you rigged out has waned. If you were so sure of this, why didn’t you conduct a free and fair election? So that you may truthfully check if Saraki’s political relevance has truly waned? To even the blind, its obvious what these people are afraid of, and its obvious what these duplicitous sponsored articles are designed to achieve.

But they will not succeed.

Transparent and fair elections are as vital to sustaining a just society as a robust foundation is to a skyscraper. The blatant rigging that occurred during Kwara State’s elections warrants serious and detailed investigations and resolution.

It is disheartening to witness brazen thieves sponsoring newspaper articles to celebrate blatantly rigging and stealing votes. This undemocratic practice amounts to thieves openly dancing in the marketplace with their loot. The outcome is that the integrity of our democratic process is at risk, leading to a severe loss of faith in our political system. These malevolent activities demand investigations and resolution to restore confidence in democracy and ensure that the people’s will is genuinely represented

Ultimately, an honourable loss with the people’s genuine love is far more valuable than a dishonourable victory accompanied by the masses’ disdain.

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