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Students urged to cultivate patience for success at FAMSA’s Ramadan lecture

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Kwara State Polytechnic’s chapter of the Finance and Management Student Association (FAMSA) hosted a Ramadan lecture for its students. The lecture was held in Lecture Room 16, located in the Shoprite Building at the Institute of Finance and Management Studies (IFMS).

The event, which was well attended by students, lecturers, Heads of Departments, Directors, and other members of staff, featured Fadilat Sheikh Abdulrasheed Ismail Olayinka as the guest speaker. The lecture was anchored by Al-Sakami Muh Jamiu Baba Sakama.

Sheikh Olayinka spoke about the importance of patience in resolving issues and how it can help one achieve success in life. He emphasized that patience is a virtue that must be cultivated by all individuals, especially students in the finance and management field.

During the lecture, Sheikh Olayinka stated that patience is a key element of success and that those who possess it have an advantage in life. He encouraged the students to practice patience in all aspects of their lives and to refrain from taking hasty actions or making rash decisions.

He also reminded the students that success does not come easy and that they must be willing to work hard and persevere in the face of challenges. Sheikh Olayinka advised the students to seek guidance and wisdom from Allah and to have faith in Him at all times.

The lecture was well received by the students, who expressed gratitude to the organizers for the opportunity to learn from Sheikh Olayinka. They acknowledged the importance of patience in their personal and academic lives and promised to put into practice the lessons they had learned.

The President of FAMSA, who was also in attendance, thanked Sheikh Olayinka for his insightful lecture and expressed appreciation to all those who contributed to the success of the event.

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