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Stealing Kekenapep Rider Was Beating Mercilessly In Ilorin

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Unidentified male Kekenapep rider who uses his Kekenapep, formely known as Maruwa to steal from passengers was nabbed at Sawmill along Geri Alimi road in Ilorin, Kwara State Capital,on Friday.

The rider was apprehend at exactly 12:10PM, by the passenger whose phone was stolen.

According to the passenger, “I entered his kekenapep, coming from Geri Alimi, suddenly he stopped and said to me his napep developed a fault, that I should come down, he needs to go and repair it. Meanwhile, I was sitting with a male passenger, unknowingly, he happens to be the kekenapep rider’s stealing agent. Few minutes after I alighted, I noticed my phone was missing, I quickly take a bike to chased him and he was caught at Sawmill, immediately I raised alarm, his friend who sat beside me was nowhere to be found and he has left with my phone.”

However, the Kekenapep rider when beaten mercilessly, confessed that they were both aware of how the man’s phone was stolen.

“I know him, he is my friend, I told him to run away with the phone immediately I dropped the passenger,” The Kekenapep rider said.

The Crown News reporter, who witnessed the scene gathered that, the Kekenapep with plate number (Kwara, PTG 694 UZ), was siezed and the culprit was handed over to the police.

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