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Sheikh Alikali Urges Students and Lecturers of Kwarapoly to Make Rightful Impact

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In a remarkable address during the Jihad Week organized by the Marketing Muslim Student Association of Nigeria (MMSAN) at Kwara State Polytechnic in Ilorin, renowned Islamic cleric Sheikh Saheed Abdulganiy Alikali delivered an impassioned speech, calling upon the students and lecturers to make a positive and righteous impact in their lives and academic pursuits.

With his charismatic presence and powerful words, Sheikh Alikali emphasized the importance of obedience and discipline in the students’ lives. He encouraged them to prioritize their education, work diligently, and engage in ethical conduct. The sheikh stressed that by doing what is necessary at the right time, the students can ensure their success both in their studies and in their personal development.

Sheikh Alikali also addressed the issue of negative influences that students sometimes encounter from lecturers. He acknowledged that there are instances when lecturers may inadvertently contribute to a student’s unfavorable behavior. However, he made it clear that such circumstances should not define the students themselves. He emphasized that students should strive to maintain their integrity and demonstrate their true character regardless of external influences.

Furthermore, the sheikh urged the lecturers at Kwara State Polytechnic to recognize their vital role in shaping the lives of their students. He emphasized that educators have a responsibility to provide guidance, support, and proper training to help students excel academically and become valuable contributors to society. Sheikh Alikali highlighted that the education imparted by the lecturers would pave the way for the students’ future success and their ability to positively impact society.

The audience was captivated by Sheikh Alikali’s message, and his speech resonated deeply with both the students and the lecturers present. Many students were inspired by his words and felt motivated to recommit themselves to their studies, while the lecturers gained a renewed sense of purpose and dedication to their teaching responsibilities.

The Jihad Week event at Kwara State Polytechnic served as a catalyst for positive change within the institution. The students and lecturers recognized the need to work together harmoniously, creating an environment that fosters personal growth and academic excellence. Inspired by Sheikh Alikali’s powerful speech, they pledged to fulfill their respective roles with sincerity, integrity, and compassion.

As the event concluded, the participants left with a sense of renewed determination and a shared commitment to making a rightful impact. The students understood the importance of utilizing their education to contribute positively to society, while the lecturers embraced their responsibility to provide excellent guidance and mentorship. With Sheikh Alikali’s words echoing in their minds, they embarked on a journey of personal growth, academic achievement, and societal transformation.

In the days that followed, the influence of Sheikh Alikali’s speech reverberated throughout Kwara State Polytechnic. It sparked meaningful conversations, encouraging a culture of mutual respect, understanding, and collaboration between students and lecturers. Both parties began to embrace the opportunities presented to them, recognizing that by working together, they could create a brighter future for themselves and the wider community.

Sheikh Saheed Abdulganiy Alikali’s address during the Jihad Week at Kwara State Polytechnic proved to be a turning point in the lives of the students and lecturers. It ignited a flame of purpose and instilled a deep sense of responsibility within each individual. Through their collective efforts, they sought to leave a lasting, rightful impact, shaping a generation that would carry the values instilled in them by Sheikh Alikali and work towards a brighter, more harmonious future.

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