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OPINION: 100 million form and it people

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By Ibrahim Tajudeen

The National headquarters of All Progressive Party APC stated that their nomination form is 100 million for presidency candidates while governorship is 50 million.

No less than 15 candidates have declared their intention to run for president under the ruling party All Progressive Congress, while some are yet to declare their interest.

The people continue to suffer under this millionaire candidate, these candidates are aware the problem of their people, but won’t do as if they see anything.

The protection of Nigerians is low, as insecurity becomes the order of the day, the educational system of this country is too poor, Universities are shutting down because the Federal Government could not meet their demands, and the economic system of this country Is even worst, there is inflation in every little thing in my country.

So am using this very moment to tell the less privileged Nigeria citizens to think and watch well for who can help the situation of this country,

For them to be able to buy 100 million forms and be looking at the situation of this country means they are nothing but selfish politicians.

which of their people or their communities have they help with token not up to 50million so they now stood up and appealed to we poor citizen to vote them in as the President or governor to represent us at the state and national.

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