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{Op-Ed}:How I Spent 3 Years In College Studying Just To Pass – Nana Aishah Ibrahim.

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Waiting for two to three years after completing secondary school can be so tiring, especially when you’re not doing anything, no work or vocational skill.

So, after I finally sat for Jamb and successfully met the cut-off mark, just like many parents and siblings would, my sister insisted that I must apply to Kogi State university, being my state’s university, and for the fact that I have someone there to help facilitate my admission processes.

Unfortunately, I did not pass my Post UTME and that was how getting admission into Kogi State University did not actualize.

I returned to Abuja hoping to sit for yet another JAMB and wait for what God’s will.

I read hard, prayed fervently and waited patiently!

So, when it was time for JAMB registration, I registered again and prepared for JAMB like I did in the previous year.

I sat for it, but this time, I couldn’t meet up with the University’s cutoff mark. Of course, I was broken but not willing to wait. So, my sister and I decided to seek for alternatives.

I’m sure you want to know what happened next, okay relax!

We actually found an alternative, which was College. At the University, my intention was to study Computer science, but in college, one can’t study a single course like in the University, and because I was not longer ready to sit at home with no job once again, I decided to take the admission I was offered at the College of education where I would later studied Computer/Mathematics.

I’m sure, seeing that ‘Mathematics’ you may think I’m mathematics genius already.

Knowing fully well about my poor background in Mathematics, I still decided to take up the challenge—I mean anything to leave home.

So, during my first year, I had no goals nothing, nothing, absolutely nothing!

I wasn’t even properly enlightened about how important it was for me to build my CGPA at that level. I was just going to school like every normal person just to go and receive lecture and return home.

I was doing quite well in computer science, GST, and Education. But Mathematics on the other hand was nothing to write home about. I made efforts to understand it but it wasn’t enough! At a point, all that mattered to me was just to pass my courses, as I became really discouraged as a result of the poor grades I had in my Mathematics courses.

After my first semester exam, I felt it was already too late for me to build my CGPA especially with a target of first class or second upper.

So, I was just going to school, and my major concern at a point was just for me to pass my exams not minding what I pass with.

Three years was coming to pass like weeks and then what?

The home I never want to stay, the home I said I was tired of, the home I had wanted to leave by all means, so gradually, I was returning!

The College provided me with an opportunity to network and explore, through my frequent participation in social activities but then, I never wanted to associate myself with people as I do not want to be influenced negatively, Neither do I want to participate in anything that could hinder my academics.

I felt was in school to learn and acquire certificate, but the thing I never thought of was what kind of certificate I wanted to acquire.

Few of my course mates on the other hand participated in Students unionism, which instilled in them the interest to indulge in both local, state and National politics. Infact, Few of them have in one way or the other began their Journey in politics while try to acquire college certificate.

Some who are entrepreneurs started by selling few items like bags, shoes and so on. And today, own a big shops, and have their brands.

Some participated in sports activities, debate and along the line were privileged to represent our dear Country at even the international level.

At the end of the day, some of these people graduated even with a better result than mine, Although most of us graduated with the same thing “Second Class lower”

Like yesterday, I’m now a graduate!

Upon returning home, it became a new chapter again. feeling like I have achieve nothing despite the fact that I have been able to acquire an NCE result, but it doesn’t look like I have achieved anything.

After then I realized the opportunity I never paid any attention to and wish I could go back in time and explore all the opportunities the college has provided me with, but then, it’s only a wish that will never come true.


23 June, 2023

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