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{Op-Ed}: The Nigeria Northern Muslim Women/Girls – Nana Aisha Ibrahim

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North, a part of Nigeria, full of beautiful women all covered decently with their hijab and veils where Hausa is spoken as a general language.

A place where talent is hidden and passion compromised!

A place full of beautiful women!

The Northern women by description are “set of beautiful, decent and intelligent women whom by appearance and behavior represent teachings of Islam.”

It is generally believed that these women are the most decent women in terms of appearance, as they would dress all covered in hijab day and night. Aside from their beautiful and decent appearance in hijabs and beautiful veils, they have other exceptional qualities that define them as true african women. The teaching of Islamic religion has guided and shaped every aspect of their lives.

Just like every other parts of the African society, and from the teaching of the holy prophets and wives, it is believed that the women’s place in the society is her husband house.

Once they grow up, the next thing is how they will get married and bear children, as this is what makes them the true women that they are!

Although, the world is evolving, but this belief has really tied them down as nothing is as important as marriage for their girl children.

This women/girls keep growing with this mentality, the culture is being transferred.

Despite the level of development and civilization, the Nigeria Northern women are tied down with this belief.

Every other aspects of their lives keeps getting shaped on daily bases but how the women/girls sees themselves seem not to be changing. This is as a result of their religious and cultural believes.

Nana Aisha Ibrahim.
21 June, 2023.

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