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NAKSS DDG Makes Clewrificaton On Press Release By Association

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The Deputy Director General of the National Association of Kwaran State Students (NAKSS), AbdulGaniyu Mustapha, has released a statement clearing the air on recent challenges facing the association.

On January 11th, 2023, the Global President of NAKSS, Comrade Abdullahi Abdulkadir Wokili, held a press conference in the state capital, Ilorin, to address the challenges the association has been facing and call attention to them. However, some members of the association criticized the press conference as being anti/pro-government and not in line with the association’s values.

In response, the Vice President Special Duties of NAKSS, Madam Issa Biogere Akeemat, released a counter press statement, which was against the constitution of the association. The statement also falsely claimed that Mustapha had approved the press conference.

Mustapha denied giving approval for the press conference and called on the Senate and Judicial Council of NAKSS to investigate the matter and prevent the association from hitting a “rock.” He also warned those with personal interests from using the association to further their own goals.

He concluded by calling on all Kwara State students to avoid actions that could negatively impact the association’s core values and to advocate for the welfare of its members.

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