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Kwara poly shut payment till further notice

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  • Appeal for reduction on school fees
  • Urge Student and General public to stay away from false alarm of the protest,says its fake news

The Management of Kwara State Polytechnic has suspend the any means of payment on her portal.

This is as a result of the institution Student union government body step in regard to the recent approved school fees payment released by the management of the institution yesterday.

The Student union body claimed that the recent fees are a means of divide and an unpleased act by the management, in a press released yesterday by the SUG by the office of the Public relation officer Comr.Ameen Saliu Owolabi porpularly known as Owocashy, signed by the President of the Union Sen.Ishola Abdulsalam Stated that:

“Following the recent release of the approved school fees through the office of the bursar, Kwara State Polytechnic for the 2022/23 academic session, the Students’ Union Government noted with grave concerns the difference between the fee to be paid by the indigene and non-indigene students (as the unacceptable appellate is called) of our great citadel of learning.

In a country in search of peace and unity, the appellate “indigeneship” is in itself condemnable despite its adoption across board.

It is however important that in this era of global economic crisis, the management of every tertiary institution will take into consideration the ugly situation and be moderate in any case of fee adjustment.

Education, as enshrined in our constitution is still a right, and considering the economic indices of the country, our students should rather be encouraged to get education as against sending them away through exorbitant fees.

The difference of a huge 42,000 naira in the school fees is not only insensitive to the economic plight of the students but equally sends a wrong signal to other states of the federation about Kwara.

It is on this premise, the Students’ Union Government is urging the management to please reconsider their stance and reverse the disparity back to status quo.

We hope the management will understand our difficult situation as students leaders and help us bring calm through their considerate reversal.

In the interest of all students on campus, it’s very important for the management to intimate the students’ leaders in the formative stages of any policy affecting the students.

Our inputs will always be valuable and on the side of fairness and justice, doing so will also assist the management to avoid taking unpopular decisions, as we will always advise appropriately and truthfully.

Lastly, we are hoping that in the next 24 hours, this decision will be reversed and the status quo human-face fee will subsist, as the students’ leadership can’t look the other way when our students are already voicing their displeasure.

Some hours after the press release of the Union,the management of Kwara State Polytechnic take action by promising to revise the action on the payment, stating in a press release, released by the Student union body this morning stating that, the polytechnic has shut any form of payment on the portal till further notice.

All payment suspended till further notice

This is to officially notify the entire students of Kwara state polytechnic that the payment for the 2022/2023 academic session school fees has been suspended.

The students’ union government under the leadership of Senator Ishola Abdulsalam is exploring every legal means in ensuring that the student interest is protected.

It is thus important to state it categorically that we have not finished the exploration of the first 2Cs hence no protest has been scheduled.

Putting into consideration the security situation and the tense political atmosphere, we are cautious of our actions and in action in dealing with the situation without jeopardizing the student’s interest

We have gotten the assurance of both the polytechnic management and the representative of the government for a reversal and we are assuring you of our commitment to the struggle.

We urge all our students, and the general public to treat as fake and impersonation, the news of the purported protest as it remains a false alarm, triggered towards destabilizing the peace being enjoyed in the Polytechnic

We are also warning the scavangers not to use these isolated incidents to impose blanket restrictions for those seeking to express their genuine dissatisfaction in peaceful and non-violent ways.

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