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It’s Decision Time “Kwara needs a visionary leader” by Abdulkareem Fatima

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Ahead of Governorship and House of assembly elections that will come up on Saturday , Kwaran to vote wisely and  maintain peaceful polls.

This is right time to choose a trustworthy person as a leader of the state inorder to enjoy the devedend of democracy.

Your PVC is your power, this is the appropriate time to select a visionary leader that is knowledgeable , honesty, integrity and ready to work for the betterment of the state.

This election must be devoid of buying of vote from the electorates,kwarans should stop the habit of collecting  money and other items  from political leader .they are very wise enough to bring peoples closer when it’s time for election, and  vows to do a lot of projects if emerge not knowing that they are  panthological liers.

We have gambled with kwara, her destiny and fate of our children. That must stop. We must revisit lessons learned and missed opportunities. What kwara needs now is visionary, transformational leader that capable to makes a laudable efforts  to combat poverty  and move the state forwardly.

Kwara citizens should act in such a manner because the young generation needs a state that will reward merit and hard work.

The state needs “a round peg in a round hole” that would not only make the required impact locally but also make sure kwara is in its rightful place internationally.


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