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Hakeem Lawal Speaks on O To Ge struggle and rascality of Gov. Abdulrazaq

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The Kwara state SDP Gubernatorial candidate, Hakeem Oladimeji Lawal, spoke on Sobi FM this morning regarding the promises made to Kwarans in 2019, specifically on issues related to local government and civil servants’ welfare. He stated that it is only responsible for a leader to adhere to those promises, but unfortunately, the current administration is not doing so.

Mr. Lawal also expressed concern over the current consultant system in place, which he claims is only generating 15-20% of revenue for Kwarans, but is collecting commission on all the money generated. He posed the question of why this is allowed to happen.

In 2019, SDP supported Governor Abdulrazaq in the election, but Mr. Lawal stated that the party has since parted ways with him due to his executive rascality, as described by the court. The SDP’s focus is now on helping the poor and downtrodden to have access to basic education.

When asked about the party’s stance on corruption, Mr. Lawal stated that it is the duty of a responsible government to fight corruption and that the SDP, if elected, will be responsible and obey the rule of law. He emphasized the importance of a functional local government in driving socioeconomic development, as contractors would be able to find jobs and more people would be employed by the local government.

Mr. Lawal also highlighted the issue of the current government’s reliance on debt as a major source of funding, stating that it is not sustainable and that there are other sources of funding that the government should tap into. He proposed the use of public-private partnerships and grant aides as innovative ways to fund public projects.

Furthermore, Mr. Lawal assured that if elected, the SDP would conduct local government elections within one year of their administration as they understand the importance of local government in grassroots development. In addition, the party plans to take care of the elderly population’s health through a health insurance scheme, where the government would subscribe for them.

In conclusion, Mr. Lawal and the SDP party have outlined their plans to address the issues that they promised to Kwarans in 2019, including improving the welfare of civil servants and the poor, fighting corruption, and finding sustainable sources of funding for government projects. They have also emphasized the importance of a functional local government in driving socioeconomic development and the need to prioritize the health and wellbeing of the elderly population.

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