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Bolaji Abdullahi calls for peaceful campaigns in Kwara.

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As campaigns for the 2023 General elections commences today, the Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the Kwara Central Senatorial District, Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi has called on all Kwara politicians to run violence-free and issues-based campaigns.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the Former Minister For Youths and Sports Development emphasised that poverty alleviation through sustainable empowerments, improved and efficient security architecture and aggressive economic recovery must be at the top of politicians’ agenda.

Abdullahi restated his commitment to a violence-free and issues based campaigns saying that “Ours is a campaign that offers uncommon ideas to persistent problems in our society. That is how we came about our “Big Ideas” slogan.

We have, since the very day of our declaration, continued to engage the people about societal problems ,offering lasting solutions and those that have been following us will testify. We are people of ideas and promise Kwarans that we will never resort to violence because, for us, it is about service to our people and nothing else”

Omoluabi as he is fondly called by his teeming supporters, called on Nigerians to refuse political manipulations of desperate politicians who have reduced elections to a quadrennial transactional event as that disempowers and robs them of the capability to choose a leader who has the People’s interests at heart.

“2023 general elections is probably the most important elections in our history for we have witnessed unprecedented economic crisis, widespread terrorism, unfettered killings and kidnappings, unrestrained corruption all as a result of absolute incompetence.

It’s a golden opportunity in the sense that it will make the people choose those who deserve to lead them without sentiments so Nigerians must resist monetary inducement so as not to end up worse than where we are at the moment” Abdullahi said.

He extended his call particularly to the youths, urging them not to allow themselves to be used as tools of violence in the forthcoming general elections.

According to the Former Youths Minister, they are the most important asset any country has and all elections should be about their empowerment. He also charged them to negotiate strongly for their future with the priceless opportunities of all elections.

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