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5 Best Places To Buy Phones in Ilorin

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  1. Dr. Rex Gadgets

With a very focus on its e-shop, Dr. Rex’s business of phones and other gadgets is premium. Known for its ready availability of the devices and prompt delivery, the businesses review from clients who have experienced its marvelous service and business expressed.

Dr. Rex is one of the leading phone gadgets stores that operate virtually, what made them known is their integrity, although they have no physical store, they are reliable and fast in delivery.

While one of the national TV stations was in a conversation with the CEO of Dr. Rex Gadgets, he stated that the long-time ambition of the business is setting up an online store that will deliver phones and other gadgets to customers in Nigeria and abroad without having a physical store, leveraging on the 21st-century technological advantages.

We also see Dr. Rex Gadget as the next Jumia but this time around only deals with phones and Gadgets. Having a special niche within the e-commerce industry and thereby making phone acquisition and delivery easier than ever before.

Our interest in Dr. Rex started with customers’ recommendations, we asked ourselves how could an online store be top-notch and create a name for itself in Ilorin city, we are also amazed by the way the e-shop is being operated and how fast they have gone using technology and internet as their shop. We then subject Dr. Rex to the credibility test, and amazingly Dr. Rex remains the best phone and gadgets e-shop.

You may want to check them out, reach out to Dr. Rex Gadgets on Instagram via or on Whatsapp at +2348145055406.

2. Femtech IT

One of the pioneers of tech business in Ilorin, Femtech has over the years finds its foot in many aspects of the industry including phone sales. Though focused on laptops and other central computers, the long-time trust in the brand has continued to put her up in the scale of phone businesses in town. With a well-equipped facility for professional training. Femtech is also popular for its commercialization of IT-related courses ranging from basic data processing to AutoCAD.

Femtech is a go-to store for pocket-like prices and budget-friendly smartphones and basic cell phones. Apple’s iPhones and Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones are just two examples of the high-end, brand-new products it sells. And due to their long-time relationship with the producers of the phones, they have acquired to themselves some negotiating power with the smartphone manufacturers, you’ll frequently discover that its products are offered at a little discount compared to some of the competition.

In addition, Femtech is a great option for convenience because you can purchase its phones at physical stores as well as online. It shouldn’t be difficult to find what you want, when you want, anyway, given that its stores are spread out over so many different cities.

Visit Femtech IT at Ibrahim Taiwo Road, Opp Kwara State Stadium, Ilorin.

3. Gadget Shop

Gadget Shop’s involvement in the phone market within Ilorin is one of a game-changing business, with its readiness to sell sophisticated devices. The business is driven by high class and is noted for its unique customer service.

Gadget Shop deal with sales of Laptop, Phone, Printer, Desktop, and IT Accessories.

The best technology to change the way you live may be found and discovered with the assistance of Gadget Shop. The business will link you with the newest technology and teach you how to get the most of your devices, from incredible deals to the knowledge of our in-store specialists.

Explore their sizable selection of TVs, home audio systems, and gaming consoles, such as the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch, to increase your options for entertainment at home. They will lead you through the process of changing your devices from a range of cutting-edge Laptops, Phones, Printers, Desktop, IT Accessories, and more if you’ve been thinking about updating your office tools.

Whether you want to improve your home’s security, automate your heating and lighting, or manage your devices with your voice, Gadgets Shop can assist you in utilizing the power of smart home technology. They’ll also demonstrate how to use an extensive assortment of smartphones, tablets, and wearable technologies to maximize your active lifestyle.

Visit Gadget Shop at 147 Ibrahim Taiwo Rd, beside Gtbank, Ilorin

4. Ifixtech

Another reliable phone and phone accessories shop in Ilorin is IfixTech.IT, they are well known for the best customer service experience as they offer a good price on any of their products and give a coming-back opportunity to customers in case of any issue after patronage.

Ifixtech combined customer service with fair prices on its gadgets. Apart from the business running its store within a strategic location, giving customers and prospective buyers easy access to phones and gadgets, it is trusted.

Ifixtech is one of the nation’s retail establishments with one of the fastest expanding customer bases. You may be confident that the goods sold here are of the highest quality, and their services and shopping environment are of the highest caliber, thanks to the company’s experience and its enduring slogans of Confident, Convenient, and Comfortable. They are one of the phone shops in Ilorin, Kwara State, and they sell all different kinds of mobile phones, including the iPhone, Tecno, Infinix, Gionee, Samsung, and Innjoo, to name a few.

I-Fix-Tech as the name implies is also one of the best stores to get your gadgets fixed without having to worry too much.

Ifixtech has available all the latest devices, with warranty policies that continuously put the clients on a safer side of the transactions.

IfixTech also deals with the sales of laptops, Phones, Printers, Desktop, and IT Accessories.

Visit IfixTech at Shop 41, Challenge Complex, Ahmadu Bello Way, beside Item7, 240242, Ilorin, Nigeria

Whatsapp on +234 806 242 0459

Instagram: Adeyemi IfixTech Afeez ( • Instagram photos and videos

Map: IfixTech.IT – Google Search

5. FoneMart

Also falling between one of the common names within the phone business in Ilorin is FoneMart. This business is most common because it allows most people to opportunity to buy gadgets on credit.

FoneMart, which is similar to Femtech, is a go-to location for finding inexpensive and budget-friendly smartphones and basic cell phones. It offers devices that are brand-new and priced premium, such as Samsung Galaxy smartphones and Apple iPhones. Additionally, as Fonemart has considerable negotiating power with smartphone manufacturers, its products are frequently offered at a little discount to some of the competition.

In addition, FoneMart is a high pick for convenience because customers can purchase the company’s phones at physical stores as well as online. Finding what you want, when you want, shouldn’t be difficult because of the company’s numerous store locations.

Visit FoneMart at Opp Unity Junction, Ibrahim Taiwo Road, Ilorin, Kwara State.

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