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Childrens Day: DG Of Kwara State Students In Collaboration With Hon.JK Present Gift To 3 Orphanage Home And school of needing.

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The Director General of the apex body of the Kwara State Students NHQs Sulayman Umar Faruq as today donate Writing materials, toiletries, and food stuffs to orphanage homs and school of needing arroud kwara state.

The Director General, Sulayman Umar Faruq ,describe this as great exhibition in the history of NAKSS, said today was to mark the childrens day around the world.

We stand boldly to support the needings around kwara state for the needs , and to mark the celebration of our future leaders.

Said in his speech to the students that, always have belief in yourself before having belief in anybody,cause the belief you have in yourself will help you to reach your destination.

And always learn from every angle cause as a youth the system of this generation is changing day by day but for you to be too strong whenever you comes across change, you have to build yourself from now.

Children on sit

Poorer will be rich one day while some richers will be poor some day,so nobody can say you can’t be somebody so far you still believe in the good deed you are doing you will someday be somebody.

And promise to always remember them in all his donation after this, today will not be the last donation from us, we plan to continue to cater for the needings.

People who are present are Deputy Director General of kwara state students NHQs , Abdulganeey Mustapha Ajetumobi, General Secretary of Oyun Students Union NHQs, Muhammad khallilulah Olarewaju and four other.

The Deputy Director-General of NAKSS NHQs Commend the host and encourage the children how they can build their world and be a good ambassador and representatives to this nation.

The Secretary-General of Oyun Student Union NHQs, Muhammad Khallilulah Olarewaju, Pray for the children and told them to always listen to their teacher and be law abiding citizen in the country.

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